Welcome to the University of Arizona Badminton Club!

To become a club member, click “Join our Club”, fill out the membership form and make sure to sign both the AOR (Assumption of Risk form) and COC (Code of Conduct form). You must also pay the $10/semester fee.

Current Events:

There are currently no events in progress. Good luck on finals and have a great winter break!

Upcoming Events:

  • Ladder League: Jan 29th – Feb 10th During Normal Practice Hours (Sun & Fri)
  • Bear Down Cup: April 21st & 23rd During Normal Practice Hours
  • SmashCats – Beginner Division Tournament (SmashKittens): March 17th 4:30PM – Finish
  • SmashCats Tournament (Open): March 18th 8AM-10PM


This calendar is linked to our up to date Google Calendar! Any/all past, present, and upcoming events will be displayed here.

Past Events:

  • 2019 Aileen Primero Memorial Tournament
  • 2021 SmashCats Tournament
  • 2021 Wildcat Cup
  • Fall 2021 Ladder League
  • Spring 2022 Aileen Primero Memorial Tournament
  • 2022 Bear Down Cup
  • Summer 2022 Funky Doubles Tournament
  • 2022 Wildcat Cup
  • 2022 Fall Aileen Primero Memorial Tournament

End of Year 2021-2022 Award Winners