Welcome to the University of Arizona’s Badminton Club!

To become a club member, click “Join our Club” & fill out the membership form! Signing of both the AOR (Assumption of Risk form) and COC (Code of Conduct form), as well as a $10/semester fee payment are required!


  • Summer Practice Hours: Fridays 6PM-10PM & Sundays 10AM-2PM
  • Funky Doubles Tournament (Members Only): TBD


This calendar is linked to our up-to-date Google Calendar! Any/all past, present, and upcoming events will be displayed here.


  • 2019 Aileen Primero Memorial Tournament
  • 2021 SmashCats Tournament
  • 2021 Wildcat Cup
  • Fall 2021 Ladder League
  • Spring 2022 Aileen Primero Memorial Tournament
  • 2022 Bear Down Cup
  • Summer 2022 Funky Doubles Tournament
  • 2022 Wildcat Cup
  • 2022 Fall Aileen Primero Memorial Tournament
  • Spring 2023 Ladder League
  • SmashCats – Beginner Division Tournament (SmashKittens)
  • SmashCats Tournament (Open)
  • 2023 Bear Down Cup