We are Arizona Badminton, a badminton club hosted at the University of Arizona. We are open to students at the university and members of the community. For any questions, feel free to ask a club officer or send an email.

Email: uazbadminton@gmail.com

Last update: 1/2022

Core Committee

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cholik Chan

Dr. Chan is a Professor of the Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Department in his 34th year. Dr. Chan also likes hiking and biking outside of Badminton, and greatly thinks equally of all three of those activities.

President: Julie Fan

Julie Fan is a third year biochemistry student minoring in physiology, psychology, and studio art. Outside of school, she enjoys badminton as a hobby. She’s been playing on and off for about eight years and met many great friends in the process!

Vice President: Jasmine Meredith

Jasmine is a first year Molecular and Cellular Biology major with an emphasis on genetics and human health and minors in Flute Performance, French, and Sociology. She started playing Badminton in 6th grade (7 years). In her off-time, she enjoys reading poetry, listening to Kpop, watching horror movies, and being active in other sports.

Treasurer: Shakir Ismail Dixon

Hi my name is Muhammad Shakir, I’m a senior studying Elementary Education with an emphasis in ESL with a minor in Japanese Language and Culture. I like to read, play video games and badminton. I’m from Woodlands, Singapore and have lived in the United States for over 10 years now.

Secretary: Rohan Dhawan

Hey, I’m Rohan from India, a sophomore here at the UofA majoring in Physics and Astronomy. I’ve been playing badminton on and off for about 4 years. I love the sport, in my free time when I’m not playing badminton I’m on YouTube watching, learning, and keeping up with the latest badminton news. In short, I am a badminton nerd.

Event Coordinator: Natasha Graham

Hi! My name is Natasha and I’m currently a freshman and a Biology major. I grew up in Myanmar and I’m usually browsing the web for all sorts of things. I’ve always played badminton on and off but haven’t really gotten serious until recently. I love playing it in my pass time as I’ve found it’s a great way of letting loose!

Historian: Jackson Qiu

Jackson is a second year PhD student in Aerospace Engineering. He is originally from China and trained in a badminton summer camp when he was younger. He recently picked it back up and started to enjoy it with all the friends he made in UABC. He enjoyed astronomy and physics, which was his major for bachelor’s degree. He likes taking film and digital photographs and going on road trips. Feel free to talk to him for ad-hoc astronomy/physics/science lessons. Satwik has yet to surpass him in men’s singles.

Social Media Chair: Lara Maceda Espina

Lara is a Pre-Nursing student in her second year at the University of Arizona. She has been playing the sport on and off for about 12 years! Some of her hobbies include playing/making/listening to music, singing karaoke, calligraphy and organizing.

PR Manager: Satwik Macharla

Satwik is a junior double-majoring in Data Science and Computer Science with a focus on entrepreneurship. He is a native of Andhra, India.  When he first joined the club in Spring 2022, he was a badminton newbie. Since then, he is learning this sport with the support of his badminton friends. Loves to solve problems and brainstorm. In his leisure time, he likes watching TV-shows, dancing, traveling, cooking and tutoring.

Event Coordinator: Emily Lu

Emily Lu is a fourth year in Molecular and Cellular Biology minoring in Biochemistry, Spanish, and History. She has been playing badminton seriously  since high school but took a break during COVID and restarted playing in her third year at the university. During her free time, she enjoys watching k-dramas/anime with her roommates, cooking, traveling, and most importantly, napping.

Event Coordinator: Saranya Madhira

Hi I’m Saranya Madhira and I’m an emerging sophomore at the University of Arizona. I am a public health major. My interests include badminton, volunteering in the health sector, staying active, traveling and hanging out with friends. 


Head Coach: Kevin Bao

Kevin Bao is the Head Coach for Arizona Badminton Club. Kevin has been teaching and coaching for 15 years and enjoys playing badminton very much. Outside of Badminton, Kevin enjoys listening to classical music.

Assistant Coach: Dr. Chinmai Basavaraj

Dr. Chinmai started playing badminton back in India when he was 10 years old. He is very passionate about the sport and he loves playing and competing. Besides badminton, Dr. Chinmai also loves playing other racquet sports such as tennis and Pickleball. In his free time, Dr. Chinmai also enjoys hiking, board games, and watching anime.

Assistant Coach: Jimmy Yao

Jimmy is an assistant coach at the UA badminton club. He graduated from the University of Arizona in 2017 with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. He loves doubles particularly and has been playing for almost 10 years. Off the court, he enjoys video games, hiking, and watching anime.

Assistant Coach: Yuan Jea Hew

Yuan Jea started playing badminton at the age of 7 in Malaysia. As a recent graduate (Math and Astronomy Major in the Spring of 2020), Yuan Jea is currently working with algorithms at a medial technology startup. Outside of badminton, Yuan Jea likes to play soccer and do some weight lifting. He is an avid soccer fan supporting Liverpool FC.