Frequently Asked Questions

Hey everyone! Since we received a lot of similar questions, we thought answering them here may be helpful. For other questions, ask any officer listed in the About page or email us!


How do I join the club?

It’s easy! Head over to our membership page in the menu above and 1) fill out our google form, 2) sign the Assumption of Risk (AOR) and Code of Conduct (COC) linked in the form, and 3) pay the semester fee to an officer. Then, you may play as an official member. We will NOT allow non-members to play for liability reasons since the courts are reserved under our club.

Where do you play?

Our reserved hours of play are located in the South Gym of the University of Arizona’s Main Recreational center. Details of where and a map can be viewed in the footer.

What are the hours?

Whenever we have reserved hours in the Recreational center at the South Gym, they are Friday 6-10pm and Sun 8am-12noon.

What is the fee per semester?

We have a membership fee of $10 per semester. Please pay cash to one of the officers or online through CashApp to $uabadminton.

Who can join the club?

Anyone who can gain access to the recreational center! We have members of the community, faculty and students as part of the members of the club who play with all of us!

Is the club only for good players?

No, we try to cater to the wants of the players. If they are looking for casual play, officers can lead you to players who want to just have fun and play badminton! If you are looking to improve and get better as well, we have coaching staff, and we will have training sessions and people who are always looking to get better! If you are a competitive player who is looking to play with people at a higher level, we have our competitive players as well! All players of all skill levels are welcome!

How does the practice sessions work?

During club hours in the Recreational center, we have a reserved number of courts (in terms of basketball courts) for club members only. These practice sessions are free-play sessions, where you are free to come and go whenever you need and want. Outside of these hours, there is no guarantee of court space as it’s first-come-first-serve with other sports that use the facilities (Volleyball, Cheer or Basketball). When it’s busy, please play doubles games. Practicing is welcome, but please proceed to a game soon after, and when the game is over, leave the court to let others play. We have many club members, so taking turns is essential to allow every member time to play on our courts.

How often are competitions?

We (the officers of the Badminton club) host our own tournament every semester! Keep up to date on the tournament by signing up for the club, so you get our emails to the email list, and you can the info and how to sign up for the tournament here on the website when we do announce them!

Are there out of state/town competitions?

There are out of state/town competitions, but we are not the ones that organize and host them, so they are out of our control. If you are interested in playing or representing the University of Arizona in out of state competitions, there may be sponsorship opportunities for you, so please approach an officer for more info. Most of the times there is a group that will try to go to out of state/town competitions, so the most efficient opportunities may be those competitions.

If you pay to be part of the club, do you have to come every practice?

While we do have a membership fee ($10 per semester), they are for the daily expenses of running the club and organizing events. You do not have to come to every practice as they are of the free-play format, unless you are participating in the events during those practice sessions. However these are the times you can come to play with guaranteed courts in the recreational (rec) center. Otherwise, they are first-come-first-server basis between the basketball and volleyball players at the rec.

Does the club provide supplies (shuttles, Birdies, and rackets)?

The club does not provide supplies. The recreational center does loan badminton rackets and shuttles for free to gym members. They are also limited in number, so we do recommend having your own racket and shuttles as players like to use their own feathered birds. If an officer or a club member willingly loans you their personal equipment, we ask that you take care of them.

Will there be coaching for new players?

Yes, this semester (Fall 2022) we plan to run two simultaneous 4-week coaching sessions, one for beginners and one for intermediates. Each class will have about 12 players and fees will be about $10. More details will come as we get closer to hosting the trainings some time near the end of September or October.