Ladder League (S23)


  • Matches consist of 1 game of 21 points
  • The challenge sign-up sheet will be manned & organized by an officer during official league days (first come, first serve) in the form of a document hyperlinked to the Ladder League page situated under the ‘Ladders’ Excel sheet.
    • To challenge another team, let the officer on duty know and they will type your name on the challenge list.
  • Challenging party must supply birdies, the club does not supply any birds for this tournament 
  • The order of MS, WS, MD, & WD players will be examined independently & winners in each event will be declared separately
    • Winners receive custom made T-shirts with their name on the back! (Designed by Julie Fan)


  1. No show for a practice session is a loss
  2. Players/teams are only allowed to challenge up to 5 ranks above current position
  3. Challenges can only be made during the current practice session
  4. If the challenging party wins, they replace the challenged party’s ranking & all other teams are shifted down one ranking
  5. If the challenged party wins their ranking remains the same & the challenging party drops down one ranking