Ladder League Spring 2023

Dates: Jan 29th, Feb 3rd, Feb 5th, & Feb 10th (all during official practice hours)
Where: South Gym Challenge Court in the Main Rec
Events: MS, WS, MD, WD, XD

League Schedule & Important Dates Calendar


  • Only UA club members may participate
  •  The league starts Sunday, January 29th, 2023 & ends Friday, February 10th, 2023
  • Registration is open from January 14th – 28th (11:59PM)
  • $10 registration fee
  • Doubles & Mixed entries will NOT be placed into the ladder until both partners complete registration
  • There is a maximum 1 hour registration/payment grace period after the start of the first official league day (before 9AM on January 29th).
    • *Only applies to those who are entered as a partner in a doubles or XD event and have not completed registration, or those who have registered but not paid.


  • Three ladders: Singles, Doubles, & Mixed (singles & doubles ladders will be co-ed)
  • Singles & doubles ladders will be co-ed, & all genders will play together in the same ladder
  • Each player can only sign up for each event ONCE


  • Matches consist of 1 game of 21 points
  • Initial rankings will be in order of online registration completion
  • The challenge sign-up sheet will be manned & organized by an officer during official league days (first come, first serve) in the form of a document hyperlinked to the Ladder League page situated under the ‘Ladders’ Excel sheet.
    • To challenge another team, let the officer on duty know and they will type your name on the challenge list.
  • The excel Results sheet can be found on the website (, hyperlinked on the home page, & will be updated periodically by the officer on duty
  • There will be one ladder for Singles & one ladder for Doubles 
  • The order of MS, WS, MD, & WD players will be examined independently & winners in each event will be declared separately
    • Winners receive custom made T-shirts with their name on the back! (Designed by Julie Fan)
  • The co-ed ladder offers opportunities for players to have more challenges & competition.


  1. No show for a practice session is a loss
  2. Players/teams are only allowed to challenge up to 5 ranks above current position
  3. Challenges can only be made during the current practice session
  4. If the challenging party wins, they replace the challenged party’s ranking & all other teams are shifted down one ranking
  5. If the challenged party wins their ranking remains the same & the challenging party drops down one ranking
  6. Challenging party must supply birdies, the club does not supply any birds for this tournament.

After official League hours (12PM Sunday and 10PM Friday):

  1. If a challenged party decides to deny a challenge due to lack of time or has decided to stop playing in challenges, it is up to the challenging party to request a postponement if they so choose.
  2. If either party of a challenge needs to leave the rec and has not yet played their challenge, postponement of the challenge may be requested to the next League day.
  3. You must inform the officer on laptop duty of your denial/absence/postponement.
    • If the applicable party does not communicate with the officer on laptop duty at any point during League hours, it is counted as a loss.
  4. If you leave early (before the end of League day hours), you must notify the officer on duty so we may postpone any challenges written after you are gone.
    • If you do not notify of your leave, we will count your challenges as a loss by the end of practice.
  5. NOTE: Before you leave for the day, make sure to check the challenge sign-up sheet to see if you have any challenges so you can inform us of any choices you want to make!