Spring 2023 SmashKittens Beginner’s Tournament

Welcome to the official UofA Badminton club website page for the upcoming SmashKittens Beginner’s Tournament! This page will be updated periodically to include announcements and other important information, so make sure to check frequently!


Date: Friday, March 17th, 2023

Time: 6:30PM – 11PM (or until all matches have finished)

Where: South Rec (1400 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85719), South Gym

Events/Format:  Round-Robin Doubles (further explanation below)Entry Fee: $15 per player



  • Round-Robin is a tournament in which all entries/teams play all other entries/teams. Each match won by a team gets one point and whoever accumulates the most points by the end of the tournament is the overall winner, while runner-up and third place are the second and third highest cumulative points, respectively.More information about general round-robin tournament format can be found here: https://ca.victorsport.com/badmintonaz/16910


  • Trophies will be given to the Winning Team, Runners-Up, and 3rd place
  • Snacks will be provided
  • Further details about this tournament can be found on the UA Badminton SmashKittens Tournament website page

This beginner’s tournament is meant to be pressure-free and fun! It is also a great opportunity for beginners to experience/try out a tournament and meet fellow club members, which may serve as a helpful stepping stone for participating in badminton tournaments in the future! Hope to see you there!