Wildcat Cup (F21)

November 5th & 7th, 2021

The Wildcat Cup is a club tournament for club members only. It is a round robin team based mini-tournament. Events played include men’s singles, women’s singles, men’s doubles, women’s doubles, and mixed doubles. A coin toss will decide which team will determine the first event played. After the first event is decided and played, the opposing team decides the next event. The cycle repeats until one team wins 3 events.

What is a team based tournament like?

Captains will be selected after sign-ups are finished to determine the number of teams possible. Selected captains then draft team members to be on their respective team. Teams compete against each other to win 3 events first. The winning overall winning team (most wins) will receive custom shirts.

Where is it?

Register through Tournament Software

Fee: $10 to cover shuttles
*must be 18 years or older to participate*


Arizona Badminton

Team Rosters

Captains are in Bold, order of team members except captains are in last name alphabetical order

Team 1 (Badminton Baddies):Dilan Maliyagoda, Ankita Ashoka, Muhammad Shakir Ismail Dixon, Lily Ren, Shufang Su, Rawin Uralwong, Gu Yang.

Team 2 (Wild Cations): Julie Fan, Atush Bhalla, Lara Maceda Espina, Yuanjea Hew, Kristofer P Kuiper, Emily Lu, Mo Xiao, Kane Zhang.

Team 3 (Trash Pandas): Jason Gofandi, Rohan Dhawan, Jasmine Rose Meredith, Sarocha Pradyawong, Angel Hernandez, Jimmy Yao, Helen Zhang.

Team 4 (Big Birdie Team): Zhikun Cai, Paul Le, Wen-Wei Liu, Selena Niu, Michael Plank, Xing Shen, Li Zhong.

Team 5 (Net Gains): Junfeng Xu, Chia-Lin Ko, Sue Min Kwon, Abdulhannan Rana, Xandra Rhodes, Jiawei Qiu, Li Yao.

Team 6 (the Seven Deadly Chins): Chinmai Basavaraj, Jusvin Gofandi, Natasha Alyssa Graham, Shijie Li, Hao Xin, Michelle Xu, Lin Zhang.

Schedule of Play

Round 1: November 5, Friday 7:00 pm
1. Team 1 Vs. Team 2
2. Team 3 Vs. Team 6
3. Team 4 Vs. Team 5
Round 2: November 5, Friday 8:30 pm 
1. Team 3 Vs. Team 4
2. Team 1 Vs. Team 6
3. Team 2 Vs. Team 5
Round 3: November 7, Sunday 8:00 am
1. Team 6 Vs. Team 4
2. Team 2 Vs. Team 3
3. Team 1 Vs. Team 5
Round 4: November 7, Sunday 9:30 am
1. Team 1 Vs. Team 4
2. Team 3 Vs. Team 5
3. Team 2 Vs. Team 6
Round 5: November 7, Sunday 11:00 am 
1. Team 5 Vs. Team 6
2. Team 1 Vs. Team 3
3. Team 4 Vs. Team 2

Winners: Team 6 (the Seven Deadly Chins)

Congratulations to the winners!!!!



The link above contains all the pictures taken by Jason, and while he wishes to take a lot more, but he was also playing and hopes you understand why he could not have the opportunity to take one of everyone while playing. Otherwise, enjoy the pictures for you to view and download!