Challenge Court


Exciting announcement, the challenge court will be making its great return to the club! However, the challenge court will only be on Friday practices due to the lessons going on in the three far courts. Therefore, on Sunday practices, there will be no challenge court. 

Here are the fantastic rules:

1. If you would like to play on the court against the winner of the previous game before you, place your racket (or a spare racket if you wish to continue playing while waiting) last in line.

2. When your racket comes up to the front of the line, your racket will be called upon THRICE. If you do not show up or claim your racket by the third calleth, your racket will be moved to the back of the line.

3. You can always allow someone to move in front of your racket in the line, but no hopping in front of others without their permission (obviously).

Any other questions can be answered by your club officers 🙂

For any new members, take this opportunity to learn from others and try your hand at the challenge court! It is a great chance to learn and progress!

Extra Reminder:

Please be kind and do not kick the basketball players off of the section we do not have reserved. Badminton players and basketball players unite 🙂


Jasmine Meredith
Vice President
University of Arizona Badminton Club

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