‘ABCD-Drop-Flight’ Tournament Format

  • ABCD-Flight-Drop: Everyone starts in bracket A and the pre-selection of the starting bracket by the player(s) is not allowed. Loss of your match in round 1 and/or 2 results in the player(s) dropping in bracket level (A > B > C > D). The 2nd round determines your bracket placement for the rest of the event.
  • Triple-Elimination: Player(s) must lose 3 matches total to be eliminated from their respective event. Therefore, all players are guaranteed 3 matches per event.
  • Table: Based on wins and losses, bracket “drops” or “stays” are outlined in the table below. The table outlines all possibilities of the resulting bracket based off of the wins & losses until the 3rd round ends. Due to the 2nd round determining the final bracket placement per event, “Next Round Bracket Placement” after Round 2 and Round 3 are the same.

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