Bear Down Cup (S22)

April 8th and 10th, 2022 Normal practice hours

Similar to the Wildcat Cup, the Bear Down Cup will be a team based mini-tournament played in a round robin format. 6 captains will choose teams of 5-6 players. Each team plays against all other teams in 5 events. For each team vs team round, one team must win best out of 5 events to claim a matchup victory.

The team that wins the most team matchups wins the tournament, and if more than one team wins the same number team matchups, the winner will then be determined by which of the tied teams won the greatest number of events (MS/WS/etc.). Again, the victor is not necessarily the team who won the most individual events. Team matchup victories come first.

All members of the winning team will receive a trophy! This is a great way to get to know others in the club, and the event will run for 2 days at normal practice hours (Fri 6-10pm & Sunday 8am-12pm).

Where: South Gym of Rec Center (1400 E 6th St, Tucson, AZ 85721)

Times: Normal practice hours (Friday 6PM – 10PM & Sunday 8AM – 12PM)

Who: UofA badminton club members ONLY

The event is $10 per person, and shuttles will be provided. If you are interested, fill out this registration form! (Registration Deadline 4/1)

Sign Ups Last Updated: 7:25PM 4/13/22

CONGRATS TEAM 2 aka “Goodminton”

Team 1: Satwik Macharla, Shakir Dixon, Jusvin Gofandi, YuanJea Hew, Xue Pan, Yuze Wu

Team 2: Rawin Uralwong, Rohan Dhawan, Aditya Jadhav, Mitch Mithun, Jasmine Meredith, Fenglian Pan, Lin Zhang

Team 3: Eric Cai, Ethan Chase, Emily Lu, Selena Niu, Michael Plank, Jackson Qiu, Helen Zhang

Team 4: Junfeng (Frank) Xu, Kelsey Decker, Suyeon Kim, Sue Kwon, Felix Pat, Jerry Wang, Hao Xin

Team 5: Jimmy Yao, Vanshraj Chawla, Jason Gofandi, Chia-Lin Ko, Kanita Olson, Xandra Rhodes, Li Yao

Team 6: Dilan Maliyagoda, Lara Espina, Julie Fan, Shijie Li, Anuj Tripathi, Yanhao Xu

Schedule of Play:

Round 1: April 8, Friday 7:00 pm

1. Team 1 Vs. Team 2

2. Team 3 Vs. Team 6 (2-3)

3. Team 4 Vs. Team 5 (2-3)

Round 2: April 8, Friday 8:30 pm

1. Team 3 Vs. Team 4 (1-4)

2. Team 1 Vs. Team 6 (2-3)

3. Team 2 Vs. Team 5 (3-2)

Round 3: April 10, Sunday 8:15 am

1. Team 6 Vs. Team 4 (2-3)

2. Team 2 Vs. Team 3 (4-1)

3. Team 1 Vs. Team 5

Round 4: April 10, Sunday 9:30 am

1. Team 1 Vs. Team 4 (2-3)

2. Team 3 Vs. Team 5 (1-4)

3. Team 2 Vs. Team 6 (1-4)

Round 5: April 10, Sunday 11:00 am 

1. Team 5 Vs. Team 6 (3-2)

2. Team 1 Vs. Team 3

3. Team 4 Vs. Team 2 (2-3)